Are you Bush Fire Ready? Smart Tanks Alerts your SmartPhone

Davey's new remote start Firefighter video demonstrating its use in the case of fire protection of your home or assets. Connected to a home sprinkler system, the pump can be switched on remotely via SMS in the event of a fire approaching. As a secondary level of protection, the pump can also be activated to start automatically when installed with heat sensors that will activate the pump to turn on when heat from an approaching fire is detected. Peace of mind for asset protection from afar. 

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Smart Tanks is the intelligent choice for your water storage tanks. For over 23 years, our proven design continues to be a reliable, and is a trusted preferred choice by many thousands of Australian property owners. We supply high quality Water Tanks for Fire Protection, Fire Water, Rain Water Harvesting, Potable Water, Rural Water, Domestic Water, Farm Water, Agriculture Water, Livestock Water, Aquaculture, Mining Water, Commercial Water, Industrial Water, and for Water Treatment. Smart Tanks can help save lives and protect property by allowing Emergency Fire Services (during a fire emergency) to instantly locate with accuracy tanks that have water. Our Smart tank design is successfully used in over 18 country's making it a safe choice that will give you peace of mind and save you money! and all Smart Tanks come with Smart Technology fitted. When your new water tank is installed, we will guide you through the how to use your new smart technology. Make Smart Tanks your choice today

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